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PhotoHound gives you all the information you'll need to capture incredible images at the world's most beautiful destinations. Explore our world map and curated guides to discover amazing photography locations, and add your own.

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PhotoHound's core features are free and always will be. You are warmly welcomed to join our community of photographers all over the world who enjoy our platform and share their favourite photo spots. Every spot is curated by our team of experienced photographers to ensure our photo spots are accurate and inspiring.

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Discover thousands of photography locations from over 100 countries


Detailed maps and directions to reach your favourite photo spots


Learn about events worth capturing such as festivals and cultural celebrations

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PhotoHound is curated by a team of experienced photographers

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Use PhotoHound to access your saved spots while on the move

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Know the best times, seasons and conditions for shooting


Exclusive discounts and great deals from our partners


Share information and images from your favourite photography locations

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Save your favourite photo spots for future reference, or to share with others


Know exactly which gear and settings were used to capture that amazing photo


Get practical tips, creative and technical advice

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Learn how to minimise your impact at each spot

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We have even more features to offer photographers who wish to support our platform.

Try out some free premium spots St Pauls, London Paxton's Tower, Wales Marina Bay, Singapore


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Switch between road map and satellite view, and click through to Google Maps, W3W or Waze


Know when and where the sun and moon will rise and set, plus the key hours astrophotography


Check out live views near the places you want to shoot

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Save and categorise photo spots to organise your trips

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Our photo guides are our carefully curated collections of the very best photo spots in a region.

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We photograph ethically and encourage fellow photographers to do the same. When you join the PhotoHound community, we ask you to follow our code of responsible photography.

When you choose our Premium plan, you'll be giving back to the planet as you photograph - we donate 5% of annual memberships to our environmental charities.

We are proud to be Bronze partners of Nature First, the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

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