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Andy of Photo Tour Brugge

Bruges (or Brugge to the Flemish speaking locals) is a city both so humbly small and yet so rewardingly big to both locals and visitors, infinitely so for photographers.

A former center of marine shipping and trade in the middle ages, this intimate city offers a feast of neo gothic landscapes relatively untouched by time, with tiny details that make it as complex and satisfying as a fine Belgian beer and/or chocolate.

Spring and fall offer the best of the light and weather as well as the least busy sides of the tourist season, but don’t be fooled: this isn’t ever a city too-flooded by tour groups right to the edges of the city ring. The center is only one part of the Bruges story (although one definitely not to be missed!). Get beyond the main historic area and the quiet side of town is all yours for the taking.

Year round, you’ll find Bruges offers you something: summer brings crowds to the sights to mix up your landscapes with some street shots, spring and fall undoubtedly have the best light to show off the beauty of Bruges, then winter brings the Christmas markets followed by a period of absolute quiet after the New Year before it starts all over again.

Bruges is generally kind to photographers with moderate but reasonably fair restrictions: Churches have mixed policies on tripods (ask and you may just be allowed!), artworks are often subject to copyright for commercial purposes, and while Belgians are somewhat okay about candid street shooting, it doesn’t hurt to wave with a “Dankuwel!” (thank you!) and maybe even hello.

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