About Us

PhotoHound is a photo location sharing platform. Our aim is simple: to share the world’s best photo spots and to connect with photographers who care about minimising their impact as they explore this planet. 

The PhotoHound website and app is for anyone who enjoys travel and photographing beautiful places. There are no ‘secret spots’, just shared photo spots for everyone to enjoy with one proviso; respect every location – meaning leave every place as you found it or even better if you can. 

Whatever is shared on the website by the PhotoHound community will always be freely available to all members; our role is to curate, tweak, add more valuable photography stuff and design useful features that make life easier and your photography outings even more enjoyable. 

We hope you’ll join us in our wanderings!

Our mission

We believe in sharing the world’s most beautiful photo spots. Our mission is to inspire photographers to explore creatively but responsibly, taking care of the locations we shoot.

Our vision

To be the place travel photographers start and end each journey.

Our Promises

To create and curate a beautiful platform where photographers can plan, record and share their travels.

To connect a community of travel photographers who take care of nature and their surroundings

To put nature & others before ‘The Shot’ and never promote fragile locations

To give back to nature and to the PhotoHound community 

To have an honest, transparent, no-ego approach to all we do