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Luka Esenko

Zagreb is a bustling modern city and the capital of Croatia. Although many people only ever visit Zagreb en route to Croatia’s coast, it is certainly worth spending a night or two in this city. Zagreb can be photographically rewarding and is easy to get around. Most of the photography spots are to be found in the lower and upper town and within easy walking distance . The only exception is Mirogoj cemetery, which is well worth the extra effort required to visit it.

Most of the spots described here are located either in the historic Upper Town (Gornji Grad) or in the 19th century Lower Town (Donji Grad) but there are also numerous photography subjects in the socialist Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) and surrounding areas, such as Mt Medvednica or the banks of Sava river.

Visit in Summer (May to September) for vibrant scenes of the old town. There are so many open air events that even locals cannot keep up. Street artists come from all over the world and riverside cafes are always full.

Another great time to visit is in December. Zagreb’s festive decorations make low light photography a joy and the city at night looks stunning. After a shoot,you can warm up your cold hands with a mulled wine or a hot chocolate from one of numerous stands around the old town!

Zagreb has few restrictions for photographers, other than respecting the usual limitations re tripods and flash photography in most museums and galleries. In some churches tripods are allowed, but be respectful when people are praying. Most of the venues do not require a property release and you can photograph freely at all public places.

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