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Berlin is always worth a visit. This city has everything you could possibly wish for; a stirring history, world-class museums, ample inner-city green spaces, high-class restaurants and a nightlife that’s nothing short of legendary. But in addition to all of that, Berlin also boasts an endless list of photo spots well worth a visit or two.

Like anywhere else in the world, be polite and considerate when photographing people. Ask for permission or at least indicate your intention by raising your camera and maybe your eyebrows.
In general Berlin is a very open-minded city and normally people don’t care being photographed. However, asking for permission is simply a matter of respect and eliminates any kind of misunderstanding right from the beginning.

Berlin is pretty liberal when it comes to restrictions for photographers. That means you can set up your tripod almost anywhere and photograph almost everything (stay away from military grounds though) as long as you do not constrain traffic or disturb anybody else passing by. You can even walk right up to the German Chancellery and set up your tripod and it’s unlikely that anybody (police or security) will bother you.
Photographing in most of the museums and churches is also no problem as long as you do it for private purposes and keep your tripod in your backpack. Sometimes you have to buy an extra photo-permit for a small fee to be allowed to snap some pictures.

In terms of weather, Berlin is usually at its most enjoyable from spring to autumn. The months of July and August can be quite hot but there’s lots of green spaces and lakes around the city to cool off. Obviously most of the interesting tourist spots and famous landmarks are more crowded during summer. If your flexible with your schedule, shoulder season (spring and autumn) might be the perfect time to come to Berlin. The weather is usually nice and it’s not as crowded as in the peak of summer.

The majority of the photo locations listed in this guide can be visited and photographed throughout the whole year.

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