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Luka Esenko

One of the most famous historical cities in Europe (if not the world), Venice is a must-visit for a photographer. Rich history ensures that there is a lot to be photographed in the city, beautiful palaces, churches, squares and canals - it seems the city never runs short on these. From former trade glory, Venice has turned to tourism - for better and for worse. There are plenty of amazing and unique places to stay, excellent restaurants, well organised public transport (it always amazes me how smoothly everything runs on these canals!), UNESCO sights and interesting events all add up to a great experience. Venice is crowded. Millions of tourists flock into the city and on a hot and humid summer day it might be best to get out of the city. But with a little initiative and will to explore you can get away from big crowds, even in the high season.

My favourite time to visit the city is off season. The months from November to March are much more relaxed, cheaper and less crowded - all good reasons to visit at this time of year, not to mention a better chance of interesting weather, be it fog, amazing sunset or acqua alta (high tide that floods the streets).

Photography in Venice offers many diverse opportunities. Obviously architecture and cityscapes are the main draw, but I also like street photography; with setting like Venice I never get bored as a photographer!

Most churches and museums do not permit photography inside (with a few exceptions mentioned in this guide). A tripod is a necessity and besides your usual gear, I do recommend ND filters for long exposures. Other than that, photography in Venice is quite straightforward once you know how to get around.

Drones are illegal in the city and you could easily get in trouble using one!

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