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Known to many as the City of a Hundred-Spires and with a river running through it, Prague is a city that well and truly delivers when it comes to photography locations. 

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and there really is something here for every type of photographer; bustling scenes along the Vltava river banks, the historic Old Town square with its colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, Frank Gehry’s modern Dancing House and overlooking it all, Prague castle from where you’ll easily be able to spot many of those spires and dome

Prague is a year-round destination - there’s no bad time to go! There is something photo-worthy in every season here.

Spring in Prague is beautiful. Everything is fresh, trees are green and blossoming and there’s a positive feel in the air.

Summer is for the hardier photographer as sunrise is so early. But it’s worth making the effort as even the most popular locations such as Charles Bridge can be captured without the usual tourist crowds.

If you’re in search of moodier city scenes, visit Prague in autumn. Dense mists around Vltava river are common early in the morning and this, combined with the first rays of the sun light, really creates a wow effect!

In Winter, you have to be really lucky to get snow, but even without, the Christmas decorations in the streets of old town more than make up for it.

There’s never a problem with tripods if you use them carefully and respect other city visitors. With one exception - you cannot use a tripod on Charles Bridge as it’s such a busy spot. However if you’re there at dawn nobody seems to mind and during the day it wouldn't make sense to use one anyway.

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The best way to commute around the city is by public transport - metro for longer routes, trams will get you close to most of the sightseeings, and buses, if you know Prague a little bit more, will take you to the spots more distant from the city centre.

Avoid taxis on the streets, some of those doesn't play fair, especially with tourists. If you really need one, use an app such as Liftago or Uber.

Renting a car makes sense if you want to visit other locations in the Czech Republic, but is not essential for Prague.

Top Picks

An ideal morning shoot would start with a city view, such as from the Hanavsky Pavilon spot. It’s an awesome feeling to watch the sunrise over the old city and Vltava river. Next make the most of the early morning light and head to the Charles Bridge capturing it from as many different angles and viewpoints as possible. Once you’ve got enough shots of the bridge, there are many great spots to explore nearby such as Lenon Wall, Vrtbovska Garden and Petrin Hill.

In the afternoon visit the Old Town Square. Don't forget to view it from the Old Town Square Tower.

If you still have the energy in the evening and before you make your way to enjoy the restaurants and a refreshing Czech beer, try a blue hour shot at the Dancing House spot to round off the day nicely.

You’ll need time to explore Prague Castle fully, which is why I would keep this for a second day of photography as Prague is definitely not a shoot-in-a-day location. Ideally you will need two or three full days here as there is so much to be discovered!


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