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Bordering Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north, Northumberland is England’s northernmost county and known as its border county.

Northumberland is at a latitude of 55°N which means that there's considerable seasonal variation in terms of where the sun rises and sets, as well as the number of daylight hours. At the winter solstice (21 December) the sun rises at 08:36 in the south east (133°) and sets at 15:36 in the south west (227°). At the summer solstice (21 June) the sun rises at 04:24 in the north east (43°) and sets at 21:56 in the north west (317°). This difference means that certain landscape subjects in Northumberland are often more suited to photography at one particular time of the year than another (Dunstanburgh Castle on the Northumbrian coast is a good example of just such a subject).

Generally there are few limitations to what you can photograph in Northumberland. Any restrictions – such as those due to local by-laws – will be signposted at a location. Certain organisations, the National Trust for example, allow personal photography on their premises but do not allow commercial photography.

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