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Paris is the second most visited European city and definitely up there when it comes to dream destinations for photography. Known as 'The City of Light', Paris is the epitome of romance, culture and elegance. Each Arrondissement has its own individual personality and each offers different photographic opportunities. Wander along the banks of the river Seine, or down the tree-lined Champs Elysées, explore the many iconic landmarks, museums, and monuments, find an elevated view of the city skyline with its endless rooftops, or treat yourself to a coffee or 'apéro' on the terrace of a traditional Parisian café while you snap the world going by- there's plenty to explore here. However much time you have in this city, it will never be enough, so we've pulled together some of the best photo spots in Paris to help you get the most of your stay and find some inspiration from fellow photographers who have visited before you. 

Light changes everything in a city like Paris. The best light is when the sun is first rising for those first couple hours before it gets too bright and the hour just before sunset.

There are few restrictions to photographing in Paris other than the usual you would expect in a city. Buildings such as museums, churches and art galleries will display their own guidelines clearly. When it comes to using a tripod, apply common sense when photographing in crowded areas where a tripod might be an irritation to others or even be a safety hazard.

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Fly into one of two main airports in Paris: 1) Charles de Gaulle Airport  - take the RER train, bus or night bus to the city centre (approx €6 to €18; taxi €50 to €55). Note it's more expensive evenings and Sundays.

2) Orly Airport  - take train to Orlyval then RER,, bus or night buses to the centre (approx€8.70 to €13.25; T7 tram to Villejuif–Louis Aragon then metro to centre; taxi approx €30 to €35.

Arrive by train into Gare du Nord train station within central Paris - served by the Metro.

This is a city best explored on foot and by Metro & RER. There are city bike schemes such as Vélib’ bikes with docking stations across the city (electric bikes also available).

The Batobus offers a handy hop-on/off service stopping at key destinations along the Seine.


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Frédéric Monin Curator
I am a photographer specialized in urban landscape born in France, in the Oise and living now in Lyon since 1998. I am interested very early at the landscape photography (and specially in the mountains and in B/W) after a exposition of Ansel Adam. However, it is through my passion for aviation that I actually started photography through the purchase of a Canon AE1 program (which I still have), then a Canon A1. Then, during my studies at the university, I was lucky to be able to take photo courses for 3 years. This allowed me to perfect my work of composition, work on light and that of development of my prints B/W. However, after my studies finished, I stopped the photography. And it was only in 2011, following serious back problems, that I returned to the photography. And, even if my passion began more in the landscape - and more particularly that of mountain -, the physical difficulties pushed me to move towards the urban landscape and it with a lot of pleasure and since. I went Pro in 2015.
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James Billings. Curator
Software engineer by day, but I love to travel and shoot images everywhere I go.
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