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Las Vegas is the adult entertainment capital of the world. It is the largest city in the state of Nevada. It is nicknamed Sin City for its reputation of the best place for gambling, drinking, and... other things.

The Strip is the colloquial name for the 4 mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard that is home to vast casino resorts, each with it's own faux architectural stylings and decorations. Depending on where you are on the Strip you may be transported to a kitsch replica of Paris, New York, Italy, Egypt, the list goes on.

Low light shooters will love the opportunities to photograph the neon lights that glow all night long. When you put the camera down you can enjoy all the entertainment the city has to offer - stage shows, thrill rides, world class drinking and dining, and of course the perennial attraction in the city: gambling.

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Las Vegas International Airport was formerly known as McCarran Airport, renamed to Harry Reid International Airport in 2021. Many international and domestic carriers serve this destination, and it's possible to find direct flights from most major North American and some European cities.

Taxis are ubiquitous in the city, and every casino on the Strip has its own taxi stand. Public transport options are limited.

There is a monorail which runs the east side of the Strip. However it is not a great option as the stops are quite set back from most of the major attractions and it's quite expensive.

The Deuce bus runs up and down the Strip all day and night, it is regular, inexpensive and has frequent stops.

Travelling on foot is a viable option despite the desert heat, as you can walk in and out of the casinos and exterior covered walkways often traverse the road. At 4.2 miles long, the only limitations are stamina and temptation - casinos try every trick in the book to lure in weary tourists and they are very good at it! 

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A photo with the iconic Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign is a must. You can reach this on foot via Mandalay Bay, or simply get a taxi - the sign has it's own car park.

Experience old school Las Vegas by visiting some of the original casinos at Fremont Street, one of the first gambling streets of the city now covered by a vast LED canopy. Alternatively, check out the nearby Neon Museum, a graveyard for the neon lights of old Las Vegas.

Most of your time will be spent on The Strip, the iconic road where most of the city's casinos have been constructed. Arguably of the most popular viewpoint is of the Bellagio Fountains, the dancing water performing regularly for delighted tourists through the afternoon and evening.

When the neon and noise gets too much, consider a day exploring the landscapes outside the city. Several state parks are within easy reach, and you've also got world class landscapes such as the Grand Canyon further afield. 


Las Vegas is surrounded by desert and natural wonders that can be explored as an excursion - or a respite from the relentless pace of the city!

Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park are within one hour's drive of the city.

The Hoover Dam is one of the world's greatest marvels of engineering, located in nearby Boulder City.

Some areas of the Grand Canyon can be reached around 4 hours by road or 45 minutes by helicopter. Many tour companies in Las Vegas offer sightseeing opportunities at a variety of price points.

Rachel, Nevada, is a tiny hamlet north of Las Vegas with a population of just 48. However it is notable for being the nearest settlement to the mythical Area 51, the United States top secret (well, not anymore!) research base. The gravel roads leading towards the base are heavily guarded and every year, foolish tourists travel too far down these and are turned away or even deported! Some tour companies from Las Vegas will make sure you are a safe distance away.

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