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Jon Reid

As a travel photographer, I’m frequently asked what my favourite city is. Since making London my home, my answer has always been the same…London baby!

Cities usually fall into one of two categories. The first is a city full of iconic landmarks. These are the kind of cities that wow you on first site. Sydney, with her harbour, harbour bridge and opera house is one of these cities. The second category of cities leaves you feeling underwhelmed initially as there are no showstopper sites. This kind of city rewards curiosity and after exploring and finding your own treasures, you fall in love with this city. Seville is an example of the second category.

London is quite unique in that it fits into both categories. There are enough iconic, showstopper sites to keep tourists busy for their entire stay. This is what most tourists see and they leave London happy and impressed, but without having discovered her soul.

I love London because after 8 years of living here, I still discover new places every time I go exploring.

I had a friend who was a successful model. She told me that she left London because London was always after something new, edgy and interesting. London doesn’t do classic beauty. In a sense, this is reflected in the attractions of the city. Whilst there is no shortage of beautiful sites, London prioritises interesting over beauty.

In a beautiful city, like Paris, photographers would tend to come back from a trip with similar images. Because London is so diverse and interesting, comparing photographers’ images, you’d think they were taken in different cities.

This guide has been designed to explore both sides of the city. It includes information on most of the iconic sites – the classic London sites, as well as some suggestions to get you exploring. Areas like the East End, Shoreditch and the City of London are changing so quickly that by the time a guide is produced, it is already outdated. Luckily with SNAPP Guides we can keep up with these changes! These areas provide a jarring contrast to the west side of the city where very little has changed in the last 200 years.

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