United Kingdom Yorkshire Dales

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Mat Robinson

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is not necessarily the easiest to photograph - but can certainly be as rewarding as anywhere and, when you find the right spots, the views are breathtaking. From the mountainous western edges, to the limestone southern regions, right through to the gritstone of the east and historic mining to the north - the Yorkshire Dales has something for everyone and a vast number of opportunities for someone visiting at any time of year.

With half of the dales running east-west and half north-south, there is ample opportunity to find the right angle for the light throughout the seasons, with plenty of locations to choose from. Some areas you're free to roam, others it's best to stick to paths - but with a bit of common sense and a small amount of will to explore, it's easy to find spots off the beaten track. This guide is by no means an exhaustive list of locations, but hopefully it will put you in the right places to have a look around and explore from there.

The Yorkshire Dales have few restrictions regarding photography and walking. The footpaths and public rights of way are well marked but once up on the moorland you're free to wander as you please - just close gates behind you, don't damage walls and be respectful of the occasional request to 'keep out' and you'll have no problems.

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