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Jon Chiang

Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and one degree north of the equator. A physically small island and a young nation compared to her neighbours, Singapore punches above its weight by being Southeast Asia’s most modern and developed city with the world’s third-highest GDP per capita, and is a nexus for global commerce, finance and transport. A melting pot of different cultures contributed by the myriad of ethnic races living in the densely-populated city-state, Singapore offers a variety of traditional festivals and holidays throughout the year, which adds to its cultural appeal.

Public transport within the city is excellent, with many public transport and taxi services plying the roads. Major tourist attractions, shopping malls and public housing in the heartlands are efficiently linked through the ever-expanding public transportation network.

As it lies near the equator, the weather is warm and humid all throughout the year, with the year-end months being particularly rainy due to monsoon winds. As such, the light can be at times incredibly dramatic whenever storm clouds roll in.

Despite Singapore’s rapid urbanisation, one can still find an abundance of national parks and gardens coexisting with the urban space surrounding them, providing an interesting contrast between the man-made and natural facets of the city. Nearly half of Singapore’s land area is covered by greenery, with carefully-manicured trees and plants lining the roads and public walkways. Visitors will also discover hidden historical gems within history-rich enclaves like Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India coexisting with modern downtown Singapore.

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