Slovenia Soča River Valley

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Luka Esenko

The Soča river must be one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Flowing majestically alongside mountain meadows, it winds through steep gorges and under towering mountains until it reaches Italy, becoming the Isonzo then ending its lengthy journey into the Adriatic sea. Its unique emerald colour and the surrounding area of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park offer incredible photo opportunities for nature and landscape photographers. As you might expect, nature and mountain landscapes are the main focus here, however, if you like history, the Soča Valley has it in abundance as remnants of World War 1 and battles fought on the Soča/Isonzo front are well preserved here. So unique and extraordinary is this area that is was awarded the ‘European Destination of Excellence’ in 2008.

The valley is oriented from the north to south which creates a unique climate in the area. Mediterranean weather clashes with the Alps so the area always has plenty of rain and relatively mild winters.

Bovec is the main town to the north and is a centre for outdoor sport activities throughout the seasons, from whitewater rafting and kayaking, to hiking and mountaineering, to skiing in winter. In this guide I use Bovec as a reference point in “Getting There” from which to navigate to other spots in the guide.

Besides the Soča river itself, other parts of the area are also covered in this guide including the Vršič pass, Predel pass, Koritnica valley and Mangart mountain road as well as many other locations in the lower part of the valley.

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