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Top places to photograph in Soča River Valley in 2024

These are the very best Soča River Valley Instagram spots, curated by the PhotoHound team. If you've got limited time here, these are the must-see locations to shoot while you're in Soča River Valley!

Vršič Pass

Vršič is 1611 m above sea level and the highest mountain pass in Slovenia (the highest mountain road is Mangart Road - see individual spot). From the top you will have beautiful views to the south and nearby peaks of Mojstrovka and Prisojnik.
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Julius Kugy Monument

The statue of Dr Julius Kugy (see below) stands at a strategic position from which one can see Jalovec peak, one of the most dramatic summits of the Julian Alps. Nearby there is also Turar’s homestead, built in a traditional Trenta style.
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Soča River - Mala Korita

Follow the road from Bovec to Trenta and Vršič. Mala korita is easy to find, get off the main road at the bridge over the Soča which leads to Jelinčič farmhouse. Park immediately after the bridge on your right.
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Velika Korita of Soča River

Velika korita Soče (Great Soča gorge ) is the narrowest part of the river in its course to the Adriatic sea. This is a spectacular gorge at 15m deep and only 2m wide with the beautiful emerald river running through it. From the suspension bridge you have an amazing view into the gorge, but for photos you will need to get closer to the river which can be a bit tricky.
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Water Hurst of Šunik

Šunikov vodni gaj (Šunik water grove) is a small tributary of the Lepenjica river, which in turn is a small tributary of the Soča river. In this area it forms numerous waterfalls and cascades that are worth exploring and photographing.
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Alpine Road & Larch Trees

This is the start of the upper part of the Mangart road with wonderful views south towards Rombon and Jerebica peaks. Around this section there are many beautiful larch trees which you can use as your foreground when composing a shot.The road itself can make a good subject.
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Mangart Saddle

Mangart road is the highest road in Slovenia that will take you more than 2000m above sea level. The road is open in summer and autumn until the first snow. From the saddle you have multiple options for landscape photography. As you walk around the area you’ll have great views to the north into Italy and Austria as well as to the south.

The mountain hut located just below the saddle offers decent, affordable mountain food and drinks. It is possible to overnight there.
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Boka Waterfall

Boka is the widest and most powerful waterfall in Slovenia. Even in the driest summer there will still be enough water for a decent photo. After heavy rains it becomes a huge, roaring mass of tumbling water and mist. All very impressive but it can be too much to for photography.

The trail is very steep but it does offer better views than from the bridge. Alternatively you could walk along the riverbed if there’s not too much water. This way you won’t get all the way to the bottom but you can shoot some alternative views along the way. Be ready to climb over huge boulders and even get into the water.
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Kozjak Waterfall

Slap Kozjak (The goat waterfall) is probably the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. Its amazing setting in the layered rock chamber is just stunning and the green colour of the water nicely complements the dark brown rocks.
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Velika korita Soče II

Velika korita Soče (Great Soča gorge ) is the narrowest part of the river in its course to the Adriatic sea. This is a spectacular gorge at 15m deep and only 2m wide with the beautiful emerald river running through it.

This particular view is a bit hidden from the popular , well photographed palces.
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Napoleon Bridge at Nadiža

The famous stone bridge crossing the Nadiža gorge dates to around 1812 and stands mute testament to the routes crossing the area since at least the time of Ancient Rome. The bridge used to form part of the ancient route from Pradol and Robidišče along the Nadiža river and further to the east.
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