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Top places to photograph in Southern Moravia in 2024

These are the very best Southern Moravia Instagram spots, curated by the PhotoHound team. If you've got limited time here, these are the must-see locations to shoot while you're in Southern Moravia!

Josef Dufek vineyard

The best perspective is from the stairs or the roof of the building. You’ll see a nice contrast between the geometry of the vineyard and its smooth background.
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St. Barbara chapel

Take a walk along the road, which offers you the most impressive view of the St. Barbara chapel, hidden amongst the group of trees on your right, and try to find the best spot to shoot from. Unfortunately there is a disturbing high-voltage line in the foreground, but it's easy to avoid it by moving around.
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Sigma-Shaped Road

The road towards Karlin climbs gently up the hill, making an attractive sigma-shaped line amid the typical Moravian landscape. It’s good to take a look at the road shape from different angles, walking around the road and the field below to figure out the best spot to plant your tripod.
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Chestnut Avenue

Chestnut Avenue viewpoint is the most tricky spot to find, therefore expect to meet local photographers who know area pretty well. At the same time, it's one of the most iconic shots of southern Moravia. Here you can include in your frame the rolling fields along with the chestnut tree-lined avenue and two poplars at the bottom.
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Chvalkovice windmill

You can notice the windmill looking at south on small peak above the village, with tipical moravian background – few layers of rolling fields with forests of Chřiby at the horizon. From the meadow on west there are some nice frames towards scenic lowlands far on west.
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Kunkovice windmill

Another rarely visited location which offers exceptional views of ‘Moravian Holland’. From the parking area you need to walk through the field to reach the best spot for shooting. It could be quite difficult (or occasionally impossible) after rainfall or during the vegetation season, so don't forget to wear proper shoes or even wading boots!
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We hope you enjoy photographing these great Southern Moravia Instagram locations. We love seeing your images of the most Instagrammable places in Southern Moravia, so make sure to share your images on PhotoHound and tag us on Instagram @photohound and hashtag #photohound for a chance to be featured.

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