Bulgaria Old Nessebar

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Rostikslav Nepomnyaschiy

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Nessebar was once an important trading city and part of the Delian League: an alliance of ancient Greek states. During the centuries to follow, it remained a strategic nexus for the cultures and epochs that passed through this pivotal place. Today, you'll find the remnants of these eras in the form of buildings from the Middle Ages and Byzantine Empires. The historic city, located in modern-day Bulgaria, reflects all the stages of development of architectural styles in the Balkans.

Nessebar was also responsible for another key aspect of the region's development—namely the evolution of trade and a monetary system to match.

The idea of money is taken for granted these days. but it wasn’t until around the 6th century BC that coins even existed. Prior to that time, goods were generally exchanged for other goods. As an important trading city, Nessebar was one of the first places in the world to start making coins. Bronze and silver coins were minted here in the 5th century BC and gold coins in the 3rd century BC. Coins are still in use in most currencies around the world.

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