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Situated in Southeast Europe, the Republic of Bulgaria is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east.

A relatively undiscovered destination for landscape photography, Bulgaria is a hidden gem with its diverse landscapes ranging from the rocky coastline of the Northern Black sea coast to the highest mountains on the Balkan peninsula. Changing weather conditions and dramatic landscapes create superb opportunities for weather photographers.

Bulgaria is not only rich in the diversity of its landscapes, but also in its culture and traditions. Photographers will be delighted by the cities’ vast gold-domed churches as well as picture-perfect Orthodox churches and monasteries to be discovered, often spectacularly set in granite cliffs or hidden in lonely mountain passes.

Head to the Madzharovo region in the east for dramatic volcanic rocks teaming with wildlife and don’t miss the top sites on the Black sea coast including the Ships and Ahtopol lighthouse along the Southern Black sea coast, Tyulenovo’s coastline on the Northern Black sea coast or Rusenski Lom and Devetaki and Prohodna caves in the north.

Travel around Bulgaria is relatively safe and easy. Buses link cities, most major towns and connect villages with the nearest transport hub. You’ll find private companies operating regular services between larger towns, with less comfortable minibuses running routes between smaller towns. Buses provide the most comfortable and convenient mode of public transport in Bulgaria. If hiring a car ask locally about road conditions if heading out of major towns and cities. Don’t always trust your satnav! Roads to small villages can be narrow and winding, and some are best only with a 4WD.

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