United States Chehalis Poplar Plantation

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Sheldon White

Shoot with care
This is a situation where you are shooting through a fence at some amazing trees managed by the Chehalis Water Department. I've never had any issues visiting on the weekend, but anyone coming here should be respectful of the signs and use common courtesy.

About this spot
The Chehalis Water Department has planted this poplar plantation to absorb water from the wastewater treatment plant. First the caveats:
1) You are taking pictures of trees cultivated by the Chehalis Water Department as part of their wastewater treatment process. The trees are NOT accessible, you are talking pictures of them through the fence. They make it clear that you aren't allowed inside.
2) I've only visited this place on the weekends. The facility is closed on the weekend and I've never felt any concerns about walking along the fence (the south and west sides of the property) with my camera, it's a rural area and nobody is going to care about a photographer walking along the highway. I have no idea what the place is like during business hours, so you'd need to use your judgement.

The payoff: this is a *world-class* location for taking stunning tree photographs. I came across this last year while doing some internet research, and I'm still astonished that no one had really noticed what an amazing place this is. As long as you treat this place with respect, don't get in anybody's way and use your common sense you can't help walking away with some memorable pictures.

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