Rodney O Callaghan Premium 397

I am a Professional Landscape and Seascape photographer based in County Cork, Ireland. My passion for photography started in 2006 when my son was born . I purchased a bridge camera to capture images of the children growing up and immediately enjoyed the freedom for expression the camera introduced me to . I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a fresh perspective on much photographed locations. I like to give the viewer my own unique view of the scene. I like to challenge the concept of how we might choose to capture a landscape . I love capturing shape and form through my lens using dramatic lighting to accentuate same. As a photographer, I like to capture things as perfectly as I can in- camera. I use graduated filters, where necessary to balance the light . The filters also allow me to be creative in my work as I can use them to control the shutter speeds to produce different effects. I like to share my passion for photography with others through my images and through my teaching . I run Landscape and Seascape photography workshops here in Ireland, Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Morocco, Slovenia, France, Greece and Italy.


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