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My name is Saša Jamšek. I am a landscape, nature and travel photographer based in Slovenia. Photography is my free time activity. Photography has been my passion since I started to take first Black & White photos on film and spent hours in the darkroom afterwards to see the final product on paper. It was time of Zenit, Chinon and Pentax cameras I used in analog part of my photography life. More focus on detail and shapes in those days than on landscape. For me digital era started in 2000 with first Kodak camera (1 megapixel range) but real improvement was achieved with Canon DSLRs. After first entry-level cameras, I ended up with some FF bodies, fancy L lenses and took them with me around the globe. I really like to travel and some could say I am travel addict (60+ countries). Using all available cabin luggage weight for photo equipment became more and more annoying for me. This was the real reason I switched to MFT world selling the entire FF lineup as exchange for portability. Two Olympus bodies and a set of Olympus, Panasonic and Leica lenses are now easily with me all the time I spend in countries I have on my bucket list. Passion for travel is the reason almost all of my photos are from abroad. Different places broadened my perspective and influenced the way I see and understand the world. I feel free but at the same time there is a little of bitter taste left behind. It is the feeling I pushed my homeland in second place. I must say we have many exceptional places to take photos in Slovenia. Need to amend my bucket list:) In 2020 I have received Certificate of Graduation in Professional Photography Course from New York Institute of Photography. I am proud of this achievement which broadened my understanding of photography and forced me to exit my comfort zone while practicing different photography genres. Please take a moment or two and check my website.

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