Jeremy Woodhouse Curator 2245

McKinney, United States
Leaving his graphic design job in 1999, Jeremy became a full time outdoor, travel and lifestyle photographer. He has visited 99 countries around the globe and has no plans to stop exploring. Since 2005 he has led dozens of trips all over the world, and he is just as comfortable photographing Naga Sadhus at a Hindu festival as he is photographing puffins on the edge of a cliff in Iceland. He is know for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. Working together with some of the best guides and tour operators in the industry, his goal is always to try and be in the right place at the right time—unless something else crops up in between. He has a loyal following with some clients having taken more than 25 tours with him over the years. When it comes to photography, he is a Jack of all trades, but has become expert at photographing portraits of people around the world. Back in the day he was the winner of the “Wild Places” Award in the BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2000 with his image “Lightning over 12 Apostles”, and in 2002 he was the Nature’s Best Magazine Competition “Grand Prize Winner” for his image of Fly Geyser, both photographed with a Fufi GX 617 Panoramic film camera.

18 Countries Visited