Gary Shinner 10

I have been involved in photography in South Wales for well over 30 years in a few camera clubs, and my photography started even before that when I was my early teens, but started learning what I enjoyed. My website will explain more, but for many years now, I have managed to get 'accreditation' and 'letters' after my name in my passion photography. They range from a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic society in 2007, and various others since, with a few being my milestones, of an Associate of the Welsh Photographic federation in 2015, this was based on one of my favoured genre's architecture. I then got another award Bronze Panel in the Photographic Society of America with another panel of work from Valencia science park, this award came in 2017 and again in architecture, and I was the first in Wales to get this award. The next milestones was my Master 2018 and Master 2 2021 in the PSA. There are others as well. I also like to travel as well, and also try to be creative and now started to restructured urban exploration and recording the findings of old abandoned places. I have also now help other clubs by judging their work, and giving talks to try and inspire others to have ago. I have been fortunate to judge a number of international salons.

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