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St. Mary's Basilica from Sukiennice

Kraków Luka Esenko

Located in central Europe, bordering several countries and the Baltic Sea to the north, Poland is a country of 38 million people with a rich but sometimes dark history. Modern Poland is friendly and welcoming to travellers, and relatively affordable compared to other European countries.

Cityscape and architecture lovers will enjoy visits to picturesque Krakow or Warsaw, with their UNESCO World Heritage old towns. Castles, churches and other grand buildings are dotted all over the country.

Landscape and nature photographers have a plethora of woodland, lakes and hills for shots of the great outdoors. Poland boasts several national parks and the popular Tatra mountains border Slovakia to the south. Notable among these is Białowieża National Park which is another UNESCO World Heritage site and is the only location where European bison still roam free.

Poland is well connected to other European countries by air, rail and road. Travel within the country is also very easy with an extensive road and rail network, plus flights offering a short hop between larger cities.

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