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SNAPP Guides user, Tara Marshall, explores Dubrovnik

Snapp Guide Dubrovnik Tara Marshall shares her experience of using our guide to photographing Dubrovnik, Croatia and how SNAPP Guides came to the rescue… Tara Marshall “I had mentioned on my original post back on day one of this incredible Croatian adventure that our workshop leader had pulled a no show. We were disappointed (and infuriated) that he put us in such a predicament. I reached out to Deborah Sandidge, a photography acquaintance who co-leads several workshops with various photographers and I knew she had led a few here in Croatia. She was truly a help in sending me her itinerary and putting me in contact with a local photographer, Luka Esenko, who does photo tours. He was unavailable (on such short notice) but sent me a link to two photography guides that he wrote and sells called Snapp Guides. One was for the Plitivice Lakes and the other, Dubrovnik. The guides were very helpful and easy to follow. They contained useful information about locations, time of day to shoot, compositional perspectives, whether you needed filters, etc.
This was one of the suggested locations and I understood why when I observed the compositional possibilities. To get to this spot, we left the old city, via the Ploce Gate (located on the eastern wall) and walked up and around the city fort. This gate is protected by the freestanding Revelin Fortress (on your left); they are connected by a wooden drawbridge and this twin-spanned stone bridge. This image appeals to me in so many ways. I love the ‘S’ curve leading you down to the water with the sailboats I love the lines, the textures, and the perspective, but mostly, I love the story it tells with the three separate human elements. In the upper right, a family of five or perhaps of four with a Croatian guide… and then we have the single young man with a backpack… Is he a tourist or is he local? I didn’t know the answer to my questions but I was pretty certain that the man walking down to the waterfront is carrying that box of lemons to a seaside cafe.  Thanks Deborah for the introduction!”
Snapp Guide Dubrovnik Snapp Guide Dubrovnik Snapp Guide Dubrovnik Snapp Guide Dubrovnik
Screenshots from the SNAPP Guides app showing the spot photographed by Tara

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