Adrian Raetsen 40

Baden, ON,Canada, Canada
I am a 73 year old photography enthusiast along with interest in old and new cars as well as racing. I got my first camera from my father (also an avid photographer) when I was 12. It was a Kodak(?) bellows type, then in my teens progressed to a Mamiya 35 mm film type camera, later went with Minolta until they got out of the camera business, then Nikon and now Fuji (X-T4 & X-H1). My other passion is travel and when I was 27 years old, I got a job "with a chance to travel:, mainly Europe and the Americas, usually with my camera along. Since retiring, I have travelled to the rest of the world on a more leisurely pace. In 1971,I did a 4 month backpack trip through Europe, starting in the UK , as far as Turkey and back to Amsterdam. My trip through the former Yugoslavia was definitely a highlight.