Jim Benson 200

Hopkins, United States
Welcome to ImageSCape Pictures. I am Jim, the resident photo-nut and head lens cleaner of ImageSCape Pictures. ImageSCape Pictures is built from both my love of photography and my belief that photography can show you a surprising, often unexpected and always unique perspective to the world around you. Photography gives me a way to see things clearly, rather than what I expect to see. When you are taking pictures, you don't take anything for granted. Everything - from the angle and color of the light, to the elements that compose your picture, to the equipment that you choose - effects the image that you want to preserve. Photography continues to teach me to appreciate the world I am in, and to enjoy all the moments and places I get to take pictures of. With photography, I get to visit places that I have never been, or haven’t been to in a long time. I get to rediscover the beauty in the area around me, and I'm most often found between sessions exploring the back roads of South Carolina with Radar, my furry photography assistant.