Stuart Sykes 130

Barnsley, United Kingdom
I am a keen amateur photographer & computer programer specialising in landscape photography although from time to time I do dabble with macro, astronomy, canine, woodland, product shots and I also love to repair & colourize old photos. I was a clubland artiste for 25 years playing in various duo’s and trios as a singer and guitarist so as you can imagine Iv’e seen most of Yorkshire as well as many other beautiful landscape areas in the UK. I recently had the opportunity to show my work on a regular basis which added up to (7 weeks) in my local newspaper the Barnsley Chronicle gaining valuable exposure. I’m retired and have plenty of time in which to travel or stay at home and take photographs.

I’m currently using the Sony A7R IV mirrorless camera but have previously used Sony A7R3, Nikon D850, D810, D500 & D3300 camera’s.