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New Moon on Monday…

(Any Duran Duran fans out there?!)
It was a new super moon last Monday and our SNAPP Pros were out and about capturing it. Here’s how it looked from the Julian Alps above Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak…


We’ve added some fantastic destinations to our growing collection of guides; North Cascades NP (US) Somerset (UK) by Esen Tunar; Patagonia by Hougaard Malan. If you’re heading to any of these destinations (or know anyone else who is), you’ll find plenty in these guides to inspire your trip and help plan your shoots whilst there.

Mount Shuksan & Picture Lake from SNAPP Guides North Cascades (US) by Vicky Spring & Tom Kirkendall


And we have four more guides on the way, so look out for these over the next few weeks:

Yellowstone NP by Lewis Kemper
Rocky Mountain NP by Erik Stensland
Bulgaria by Dancho Hristov
Soca River Valley by Luka Esenko

It’s looking like we’ll have 20 guides published by Christmas and our team continues to grow so we’ll have plenty more SNAPP destinations to share with you in the new year.


…That you can create your own itineraries within the SNAPP Guides app? Simply open the spot you want to add, click the Clock/+ icon in the top right corner, change the date to your suit your plan and add to itinerary.
You can view your itinerary, change the order of the spots or delete locations by choosing the Itinerary tab, selecting the day you want to amend. Click the top right location marker and then touch the spots to number them in the order you want to shoot them.


…to the winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year Prize Draw to win a free SNAPP Guide. Photographer Tiffany C says she’d like to see a SNAPP Guides to Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan, in our collection one day as it’s a location she visited once by motorbike with her camera and she tells us it’s simply stunning. We’ll do what we can to find a photographer to create that guide for you! In the meantime Tiffany gets to choose a guide of her choice from our current collection – just as soon as she returns from her current amazing tour of Madagascar!

We’re looking forward to seeing your festive location shots in the run up to Christmas, so don’t forget to tag your photos #snappguides or @snappguides so we can share them on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Best wishes and good light

Jules & Luka

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