Introducing the PhotoHound presets pack for Luminar 3

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Transform your images in a single click with these Luminar looks, or use them as a foundation to create your beautiful images. Drag the sliders to see how these looks can transform your photos! The left image is the original image, the right image is the same image with one the PhotoHound signature Luminar looks applied. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #PhotoHoundLuminarLooks – we love to see what you do with these!
I’ve been using Luminar for some time now, and I use their products extensively in my image editing workflow. I was thrilled to join Skylum as a brand ambassador in the spring of 2019 and as part of this remit, I have created these signature looks for Luminar. Here you’ll find a number of looks suited for various travel photography scenarios. Use these as a one-click look, or as a foundation to build your own signature looks. Happy shooting! Mathew Browne, CTO, Photohound

Las Vegas

For cityscapes at night
A look which handles the incredible detail and dynamic range of vibrant city scenes, calming down bright light source and subtly enhancing the shadows. The unattractive colour cast of orange street lighting is automatically toned down, while luminosity is preserved. If the effect is not strong enough, consider using the additional Kill The Lights look as a separate adjustment layer and simply brush away orange streetlights where they detract from a scene.


For still objects, statues, detailing and abstracts
A muted sepia look to lend a sense of timelessness to an image.


For cityscapes during the golden hour
Ideal for wide angle shots taken in the golden, this look adds golden tones, subtle, warm glow to bright areas and a letterbox vignette.


For cityscapes during the blue hour
A bold look that enhances best of the ambient light in the sky with the man made lights of the city beneath.

Architecture Punch

A look that adds a punch of colour and enhances details of architecture images while AI sky enhancer restore a natural, vibrant colour to any blue skies above.

Architecture B&W

This one-click look transforms a full colour image into a high-contrast black and white image with an emphasis on sharpness and details. Ideal for interior architecture where there is a high dynamic range such as ceilings and skylights, staircases and lobbies.

Pink Dusk

A look that enhances the warm pastel colours of a dusk sky, to lend a warm atmosphere to your image.

Blue Hour Silhouette

A look that adds a splash of steely blue to a blue hour image, enhancing contrast and sharpness, plus adding a letterbox vignette along the way.

Golden Hour Silhouette

A look that emphasises the natural warmth and glow, and preserving the natural haze of a silhouette taken at golden hour. Warm tones are exaggerated and cool tones are reduced, with a gentle glow added to create a dreamy image.

Milky Way

For astrophotography
Two looks which are applied as separate adjustment layers – one for the landscape, and one for the sky. First, apply the Milky Way – Landscape look, which brightens your foreground and enhances details. Secondly, create a new adjustment layer and apply the Milky Way – Sky look and mask out your foreground. This brings out the highlights in the sky, creates colour separation, and clearly defines the Milky Way as it appears in your image. An optional dodge and burn filter is available for additional touch ups of the Milky Way core.

Bronze Statue

For still objects, statues, detailing and abstracts
This look enhances the fine details of a bronze or copper statue, adding richness to the colour of the brown hues, and increasing the luminosity of the natural green patina that forms on such structures. Finally, a subtle vignette is added to draw the viewer’s eye towards the centre of frame, though you can adjust and move the vignette – or omit it completely to suit your taste.


For wildlife
A simple look which in one click will enhance the colour of birds and other wildlife. Any background foliage is also enhanced using Luminar’s foliage filter. Finally, Luminar’s microstructure and sharpness filters will help bring out the fine detail such as feathers.

Hidden Waterfall

For waterfalls, woodland and forest scenes
This look is ideally suited for photos of waterfalls that are taken with little direct sunlight, or under gloomy skies. Instantly transforming a dark waterfall into a striking image with a punch of colour, lush green foliage and heavy vignetting drawing the viewer’s eye to centre of frame. It can also be used for area of woodland or forest with a canopy.


For architectural details, statues, monuments and abstracts
Named after the serene, smiling faces found at Angkor Thom in Cambodia, this look warms up your image and adds a subtle glow to give a dreamy golden look to architecture and stonework.

Window Seat

For the journey
This look dramatically cuts through haze and adds a polariser to quickly enhance images taken of distant landscapes taken through a window – perfect for your shots from the window seat.

Marina Bay

For cityscapes at night
Created to showcase futuristic architecture at night and named after Marina Bay in downtown Singapore – where several examples of such structures can be photographed – this look bathes the highlights of a scene with electric blue, enhances contrast, details and sharpness.


For neon signs
This is a bold look which dials up the vibrance and contrast in neon signs, while recovering as much colour detail as possible. Finally, Luminar’s powerful noise reduction filter is applied to create a smooth image.