Become A PhotoHound Pro

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We feel that amazing work by our most active PhotoHounders deserves to be celebrated, so we’ve created an exciting Partner Program to do just that!

We’re always on the lookout for photographers who are regularly sharing great content on PhotoHound. If you’re adding lots of prime spots and helping us to improve the quality of spots, events and photo guides, you may be invited by the PhotoHound team to become one of our Partner Pros. Our Partner Program is our way of recognising the time and effort our top PhotoHounders have put into making PhotoHound a better platform for other photographers to visit. It includes the opportunity to be part of our revenue share scheme to earn real money for your contributions.

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Jon Chiang

Benefits of becoming a PhotoHound Pro

Once on the program, you will get…

  • The potential to earn money via our Revenue Share Scheme;  
  • Lifetime free access to the PhotoHound platform; 
  • An enhanced user profile (including links to your workshops, products and photography featured on the PhotoHound site)

We are on the lookout for PhotoHounders who 

  • demonstrate a passion for sharing photo locations with like-minded photographers;
  • understand, live and photograph by the PhotoHound Code of Responsible Photography; 
  • have contributed a number of high quality prime spots on PhotoHound from their inspirational portfolio and continue to add content on a regular basis;
  • are skilled and knowledgeable about the locations they have photographed and provide helpful and accurate info to help other photographers find and enjoy those locations.

If you’re actively adding incredible spots and images to PhotoHound, rest assured we will know and will reach out to you to talk more about becoming a Pro.  However, if you want to grab our attention and say “hi”, please do email us and let us know a bit more about yourself and what you’re planning to add to PhotoHound so we can follow you and get to know your work – we always love to hear from our contributing PhotoHounders.

Richmond Park

London, England Jon Reid

Don’t forget when adding spots to the PhotoHound platform, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Spots must fit with the PhotoHound Responsible Photography Principles;
  • Spots must not infringe copyright regulations;
  • Coordinates and markers must be accurate;
  • Include accurate, helpful local and technical information;
  • Add high quality, inspirational photographs that are representative of location;
  • Added spots must be accessible by general public and must not put photographers at unnecessary risk or at odds with regulatory guidelines.
  • Spots must be attractive for other visiting photographers;
  • Spots must not be a duplicate, or very similar to one already added;
  • Even if a spot is not fully populated it could still be promoted to prime spot status as long as it’s helpful and accurate. The community will help to improve the information.

Tibbett Road Windmill Viewpoint

United States Joe Becker