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Luka Esenko

Although a small country, Montenegro has a lot to offer to photographers. The historical treasures, such as UNESCO world heritage site Kotor, are well worth exploring and photographing. However my love for Montenegro is for its natural beauty. Rugged coastline, the stunning geography of the Bay of Kotor, mountains, rivers, lakes, abundant wildlife - it seems Montenegro has it all. It is hard to imagine such diversity in a such small area, but it’s all there - in Montenegro!

It seems Montenegro has two faces; the bustling coast with its thriving tourism industry where you’ll find luxury hotels, excellent restaurants, nightclubs, amazing beaches and crystal clear sea. And then a much quieter side, away from the coast where it can seem that time has stopped. Nearby Lake Skadar is even more relaxed and has a different feel again. Travelling along some of the scenic roads here you often have the feeling there is no one around but you.

In addition, Montenegrins are incredibly friendly and welcoming people - the further north you go the more welcome you will feel! And the food is great. From the seafood on the coast to local cheese and ham from the mountain pastures - it's all fresh and super tasty.

This guide focuses mainly on the coast, from the Bay of Kotor to Stari Bar in the Southeast. Two national parks are included; scenic and pristine Lovćen and welcoming, laid back Lake Skadar.

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