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In 1905, the North Eastern Railway set out to systematically measure each one of its rail lines, as required by law. The cast-iron quarter-mile, half-mile, three-quarter-mile and mile posts that were erected can still be seen throughout the former NER area.

The measurement of each line started at a point where a cast-iron post bearing the word "Zero" was erected.

The exact centre of York station, on the present-day platform 5, was the zero point for ten lines, which meant the zero post bore ten identifying plates.

These were:

LO. LP. - Longlands Loop (down), from Longlands Junction, Northallerton, on the York and Newcastle, to the Leeds Northern line. Opened in 1901.

M.W. & B. - Market Weighton and Beverley, from Market Weighton, at the end of the York and Market Weighton line to the Hull and Scarborough line at Beverley. Opened in 1865, closed in 1965.

MIC. BR. - Micklefield Branch, from Church Fenton, on the York and North Midland line to the Leeds and Selby line at Micklefield. Opened in 1869.

R. CV. - Raskelf Curve, from Pilmoor, on the York and Newcastle line, to the Thirsk and Malton line. Opened in 1871, closed in 1959.

S. BR. - Sherburn Branch, from Sherburn Junction on the York and North Midland line, to the Leeds and Selby line. Opened in 1839.

Y. & H. - York and Harrogate, from Poppleton Junction on the York and Newcastle line, to Harrogate. Opened in 1848.

Y. & M.W. - York and Market Weighton, from Bootham Junction, on the York and Scarborough line, to Market Weighton. Opened in 1847, closed in 1965.

Y. & N. - York and Newcastle, from York to Newcastle. Opened in 1841, 1844, 1868, 1871.

Y. & N.M. - York and North Midland, from York to Normanton. Opened in 1839, 1840.

Y. & S. - York and Scarborough, from Waterworks Junction, York, to Scarborough. Opened in 1845.

Although most of these were short connecting lines, the list demonstrates the importance of the NER.

It was formed in July, 1854, when it controlled several important main lines. By taking over other companies it created a near monopoly in the region.

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