Joe Keleman

Joe & Mai Keleman- Photography About Us and Our Passions Two of my great passions are Teaching and Photography. Today, I’m lucky enough to have my wife, Mai Keleman, by my side as we share the same passions during our travels, photographing great landscapes in the good ol’ USA. When we are home between our trips, my wife and I participate in the largest photography club in our Vietnamese community, the Vietnamese Photographic Society of California (PSCVN) a nonprofit organization founded by Ms. Vy Vy Tran. I had the distinct honor of serving this club as President and Emeritus for more than ten years and continue to serve many different roles as a Board Member and as a principal photography instructor. When We Were Young I met my wife in San Diego as college students and married in 1978. We have five grown children and three grandkids. After 40 years of marriage, we continue to enjoy finding time to travel for photography together and discovering new places and meeting new people on our journey. I served in the U.S. Army as an engineer and a photographer for 9 years, where my passion of photography began. While stationed in Europe for three years, my wife and I took advantage to travel and capture the beautiful landscape as we explored every weekend while living in Europe. After my military service, we moved to Orange County and although we were busy with our own careers, I continued my pursuit of my passion with photography. Moments We Clicked As professionals, our subjects vary from Sporting Events, Weddings, Engagements, Family Portraits, and Special Events, but we found ourselves drawn repeatedly to the fine art of the Landscape of our beautiful country. For the last 14 years, my wife and I have volunteered with PSCVN to share our passion for photography and to provide instruction in the art to the Vietnamese community through classroom instruction and organizing many guided tours to local and out-of-state attractions at no cost to our members. We work with many other volunteers who share in our desire to encourage the livelihood of this art form. Come and Visit Us Please visit our webpage, Facebook page PSCVN - The Official Vietnamese Photographic Society of California or visit our classroom, which is open on Sundays from 8:00am to 12:00pm to the public at 1618 West 1st Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Joe Keleman