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Top places to photograph in Tuscany in 2022

These are the very best Tuscany Instagram spots, curated by the PhotoHound team. If you've got limited time here, these are the must-see locations to shoot while you're in Tuscany!

Baccoleno Farmhouse

One of the classic shots from Tuscany is this view of Baccoleno Farmhouse (Agriturismo). A very nice place, they also offer rooms - with indoor swimming pool.

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Podere Belvedere

This spot is one of the most photographed places in Tuscany. It can get quite busy with groups, especially in spring when there are many photo workshops. Luckily there is more than just one spot - walk around olive grove to find an unobstructed view.
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Cappella Madonna di Vitaleta (Chapel )

Chapel Vitaleta (Cappella Madonna di Vitaleta) is a small picturesque church near San Quirico d'Orcia. This is a well photographed subject from different angles.

Here you are standing in front of the chapel. Please respect the farmer's fields and don't walk into the growing crops.
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Poggio Covili Farmhouse

Poggio Covili Farmhouse (Agriturismo Poggio Covili
) has an amazing line of cypress trees leading from the main road to the farmhouse. This view from distance gives you a nice perspective with a telephoto lens. You will need at least 200mm to zoom in on the farmhouse and get a compressed view with rolling hills in the back. This shot works best in the morning with backlit scene. Mists are a bonus.
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Duomo di Siena West View

A beautiful view on Old Siena and its amazing Duomo (The Cathedral) from a small terrace.
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The Siena Cathedral Interior

The Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena) is well worth a visit. Its interior is stunning, rich in details, grandeur and colours. Photography inside is allowed, but no flash or tripods. You can use wide angle and telephoto for capturing details. Most of the time you will be shooting with ISO 1600 and above.
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Torre del Mangia

Torre del Mangia or the Mangia tower offers amazing elevated views on Siena old town.
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Cypress grove by San Quirico d'Orcia

Not far from the San Quirico d'Orcia town there is this small but very popular cypress grove. During the years Tuscany became very popular a this few trees famous amongst photographers.
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Monticchiello winding road

In Tuscany, there are a few winding roads favourite by many photographers from all over the World. The winding road by the Monticchiello village is definitely number one (or number two) in this list!
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Siena, Pubblico Palace (view up)

On the main square in Siena, Piazza del Campo, there is the Pubblico Palace. With the 102 meters tall tower, Torre de Mangia, it is the dominant of the whole city.
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We hope you enjoy photographing these great Tuscany Instagram locations. We love seeing your images of the most Instagrammable places in Tuscany, so make sure to share your images on PhotoHound and tag us on Instagram @photohound and hashtag #photohound for a chance to be featured.

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