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Top places to photograph in Triglav National Park in 2023

These are the very best Triglav National Park Instagram spots, curated by the PhotoHound team. If you've got limited time here, these are the must-see locations to shoot while you're in Triglav National Park!

Mostnica River

Mostnica river has created a stunning gorge in this lower part of Voje valley. The river itself is an incredible turquoise colour and the surrounding forest and canyon guarantee beautiful images anytime of the year. (This spot describes only the lower gorge; see Voje valley for the upper part.)
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Bohinj church view

From this spot you will get a better view of Ribčev Laz with the bridge and the church of John the Baptist.
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Soča River - Mala Korita

Follow the road from Bovec to Trenta and Vršič. Mala korita is easy to find, get off the main road at the bridge over the Soča which leads to Jelinčič farmhouse. Park immediately after the bridge on your right.
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Water Hurst of Šunik

Šunikov vodni gaj (Šunik water grove) is a small tributary of the Lepenjica river, which in turn is a small tributary of the Soča river. In this area it forms numerous waterfalls and cascades that are worth exploring and photographing.
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Alpine Road & Larch Trees

This is the start of the upper part of the Mangart road with wonderful views south towards Rombon and Jerebica peaks. Around this section there are many beautiful larch trees which you can use as your foreground when composing a shot.The road itself can make a good subject.
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Mangart Saddle

Mangart road is the highest road in Slovenia that will take you more than 2000m above sea level. The road is open in summer and autumn until the first snow. From the saddle you have multiple options for landscape photography. As you walk around the area you’ll have great views to the north into Italy and Austria as well as to the south.

The mountain hut located just below the saddle offers decent, affordable mountain food and drinks. It is possible to overnight there.
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Lower Peričnik Waterfall

Peričnik waterfall is one of the most amazing natural attractions of Julian Alps and Triglav national park in Slovenia.
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Slemenova Špica (Sleme) 1911m

Slemenova Špica (Sleme) is a popular hiking destination in Julian Alps. It is suitable for families as it is not much elevation gain and the hike is not too long. There are a few ponds that offer reflection of Mt Jalovec. The best time to visit is in Autumn when larch trees turn golden.
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Lipanski Vrh (1974m)

Lipanski vrh (1974m) is one of the easy accessible peaks above Pokljuka plateau. It offers great views on Julian Alps, including Mt Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia.
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Mt Viševnik (2050m)

Mt Viševnik (2050m) is one of the most popular peaks in Julian Alps. It is relatively easy to access and is one of the few 2000m+ peaks that can be climbed in winter for an average mountaineer.
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Triglav (2864m)

Mount Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and Julian Alps. The Triglav national park was named after the mountain and its name means something like "Three heads" because of its distinct shape from the distance. Triglav is also a national symbol of Slovenia and featured on the national flag and coat of arms.
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