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Greg Vaughn

Oregon is blessed with a wealth of spectacular natural features, and the coast in particular offers the traveler and photographer plenty of opportunities for whatever time they have to spend. Oregon’s 363 miles of coastline includes a diverse landscape of beaches, sand dunes, rocky cliffs, forested headlands, hidden coves, sheltering bays, and river estuaries. Sea stacks, tide pools, wildlife, and lighthouses are also among the favored subjects for photography. Small cities and little towns are dots on a map connected by US Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Scenic Highway, which runs the length of the Oregon coast.

This guide covers the entire Oregon coast, from the Columbia River in the north to the California border in the south. Included are all the major locations of interest to photographers, and many lesser known sites with great photo potential.

While there are some remote stretches of wild coast in Oregon, the vast majority of locations of interest to photographers are easily accessible from Highway 101 via numerous state parks, waysides and trails. Oregonians are fiercely protective of the state’s natural resources, and years ago passed a law guaranteeing public access to all beaches. You may not cross private property to get to the beach, but once on the beach you’re okay right up to the vegetation line.

When photographing anywhere on the Oregon coast, it is extremely important that you are always mindful of “sneaker waves”, surf, and tides. Be vigilant and never turn your back to the ocean.

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