Norway Lofoten

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Cody Duncan

The Lofoten archipelago consists of five main islands, from west to east: Moskenesøy, Flakstadøy, Vestvågøy, Gimsøy, and Austvågøy; while the smaller islands are almost too numerous to count! The E10 highway runs 150 kilometers across Lofoten, connecting the islands with a series of bridges, causeways, and tunnels.

This guide showcases 21 of Lofoten’s most scenic viewpoints, with a focus on the more dramatic areas of west Lofoten. However, as you travel Lofoten yourself, you will see that there is more or less an endless amount locations to photograph around every corner as the light, shadows, and clouds dance across the landscape. So the reality of Lofoten is that it is a location that you can return to again and again, across years and seasons, always finding something new and different.

The local islanders are friendly and helpful people, and the fishermen are often willing to smile for a photo if asked. Yet in recent years, particularly during winter when snow limits access, parking on private property and trespassing is becoming an issue that people are beginning to become upset with, particularly in the crowded area around Reine. So please be aware that people live and work on Lofoten, it is not just a museum or theme park. And although your actions alone might seem small, they are probably repeated by others all year long.

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