Slovenia Lakes Bled & Bohinj

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Luka Esenko

Lakes Bled and Bohinj are glacial lakes in the Julian Alps and are located in the Upper Carnolian region of northwestern Slovenia and offer endless opportunities for photographers. Breathtaking scenery, hilltop churches, lakeside vistas with mountainous backdrops and impressive gorges with numerous waterfalls and turquoise pools to name but a few. Whilst Lake Bled has more of a tourist feel to it and is undoubtedly one of the most visited locations in Slovenia, it is still possible to find moments at dusk and dawn to photograph the lake relatively undisturbed. Whatever your feelings on originality, you can't really come here and not take the classic picture-postcard image of Bled Island and it's pretty church. Lake Bohinj has a more rugged, undisturbed feel and, being a little further off the usual tourist bus route, is the more peaceful of the two lakes without the tourist town on it's shores. You'll need to walk or cycle a little further here to find the different spots as the lake is 4 km long and 1 km across.

In this guide both lakes are extensively covered with best locations to photograph. Additionally there are many spots from nearby locations, such as Vintgar gorge and Radovna River, Pokljuka Plateau, Mostnica river and Voje valley and others.

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