Vienna to join the SNAPP Guides collection!

Vienna by Rainer Mirau We are thrilled to welcome Rainer Mirau to our team of SNAPP Guides Pros. Rainer is an professional landscape photographer and author from Austria and will start by creating a SNAPP Guide to Vienna with us this summer. We couldn’t be more excited – this is such a great city for travel and photography! Later in the year he’ll be adding guides to Austria and Majorca – we’ll keep you posted! Rainer at work You can see more of Rainer’s images and check out his current e-books on his website or on 500 px. He says of his work “Spending time in natural surroundings regularly is not just recreation and inspiration for me, but is a necessity in order to lead a balanced life. For me, nature photography is the ideal occupation- it means I can live out my creativity, get to grips with technology and in the process, I am privileged to experience many beautiful moments outdoors and in nature as well.”

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