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Top 5 spots for sunrise and sunset in Rome

5 Top Spots for Sunrise and Sunset in Rome

If Rome is on your bucket list and you’re looking to plan a photography trip there soon, you’ll definitely enjoy the following post. SNAPP Guides Pro, Massimo Squillace shares 5 top spots for sunrise and sunset in and around the Eternal City. Massimo writes: “Rome is a city best experienced at the edges of the day, when artificial lights begin to fade or to shine. I especially love being out before dawn, because the streets are mostly empty and you feel an unreal peace, out of context for such a busy, often chaotic metropolis; and last but not least, I relish being one of the first customers to arrive at one of my favourite bars, where I’ll enjoy a post-shoot breakfast with a cappuccino and brioche (“cornetto”). Generally speaking, the best seasons to go out shooting are spring and autumn because the vegetation displays are at their best, but being based in Rome means I can take the camera out at any time of the year, whenever the weather or cloud formations inspire me. Here are a few special places I often return to when the mood takes me…

1) Sunrise at Piazza Navona

Dawn really is the only moment in the day when this square is empty, and also when you’ll get the best light. If you are fortunate enough to be there immediately after fall rain, the colours will be quite saturated and there may be dramatic cloud formations to add character to your shots.

2) Sunrise at the Pantheon

This is another spot where it is impossible to shoot during the day, but it’s awesome during blue hour. Make sure you bring along a sturdy tripod and an extreme wide angle lens, so that you will be able to shoot long exposures below waist level and emphasise the foreground.

3) Sunset at Castel Sant’Angelo

This is just one of a number of possible ways to frame this imposing castle, which is warmly illuminated as soon as the sun sets. Make sure your tripod is setup at the very beginning of civil twilight for the best light! In my SNAPP Guide to photographing Rome, I also suggest a number of interesting, lesser known spots around the Eternal City. The following two spots can be reached within a two hour drive of the city, and can be explored to complement a memorable vacation in central Italy.

4) Sunrise at Monte Gelato

This is an evocative location along the Treja River near Mazzano Romano, famous for its waterfalls. It offers lots of landscape photographic opportunities and a refreshing alternative to the busy city – can you believe it is just 45 km from the centre of Rome!

5) Sunset at Sorano

The evening lights in Sorano transform this picturesque medieval town into a view reminiscent of a nativity scene. One can only wonder at the way some of the buildings cling to the sheer sides of the cliffs! This is also one of the most rewarding little towns to visit, with photographic opportunities at every turn.” For coordinates and to learn more about shooting at these spots and many more, take a look at Massimo Squillace’s SNAPP Guide to photographing Rome, priced $7.99/£6.99 via the SNAPP Guides app available via the App Store or Google Play. See more of Massimo’s work here.

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