The PhotoHound Revenue Share Scheme

PhotoHound Pros automatically qualify for our Revenue Share Scheme and will earn money for their Prime Spot contributions.

As a company, we set aside 30% of annual subscription revenue, 25% of which will be used to reward our PhotoHound Pros (we call this the PhotoHound Pot) and 5% of which will be used to support our chosen charitable projects that specifically protect and nurture the environment.

Revenue share payments, paid annually on Gross Annual Subscription Revenue, are calculated as follows:

Your total contributed Prime Spots 

divided by           

PhotoHound’s annual subscription revenue

multiplied by

25% of Total Prime Spots in platform


For example, if the total number of Prime Spots in the PhotoHound platform is 10000 at the end of Year 1 and you have contributed 100 of these, you will receive 1% of the PhotoHound “Pot”.

All activity on PhotoHound will count towards your annual total (for example adding a prime spot, adding an image to an existing spot, creating a guide with us) and will be weighted accordingly. Your total contributions will be displayed in your PhotoHound Profile*.

*The Revenue Share Scheme will begin once the PhotoHound Beta launches officially, but all contributions made during the beta phase will count towards your annual total