We have big plans for PhotoHound and hope you will join us on this journey

This document sets out our goals for the next few years, describing features you can expect from us and milestones we aim to meet.

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore by Jon Chiang


2019 saw PhotoHound open as a beta service to invited contributors and existing Partner Pros.

Curation PhotoHound prides itself on the quality of information and imagery presented to our users. Therefore, every new spot is subject to our proprietary vetting process which ensures the information you see is accurate and sufficiently detailed. If a spot does not meet our quality standards, then you simply don’t see it. This process involves a combination of algorithmic checking plus a manual check by one of the PhotoHound team.

Collections Our PhotoHound Pros now curate the very best spots in cities and regions into Guides, along with all the essential information you will need to know including travel tips, public transport information, recommendations on the best places to shoot for portfolio-level images. Guides will only be available to Premium subscribers.

Events In addition to photo spots, users will be able to browse and add photo events such as festivals, fireworks displays and live performances that are worth shooting.


2020 will be our first full year in operation, but our development work is not over –  here are the new features being developed.

App Premium PhotoHound members will be able to access our app, for iOS and Android, which will allow you to take curated Collections or saved spots with you on your travels. Including useful features such as a weather forecast, sunrise and sunset times – all the information you need for a successful shoot will be right there in your pocket!

Timeline A chronological feed of images and comments for each spot, allowing you to quickly see what is possible right now at a specific location. This will be especially useful in locations like Rome, where monuments are frequently under scaffolding and reconstruction.

Late 2020

Recommendations We will be developing a recommendation algorithm which will show you inspiration for new photo spots based on your previous contributions and interactions, and your personal settings.

Points and leaderboards Check out the leaderboard for your next destination – ask the top photographers any questions, perhaps you’ll find the perfect shooting buddy or even a professional who can lead you on a photo tour.

More app features We will continue developing our app to add more of PhotoHound’s core features to your mobile experience.

Discovery Mechanisms We’re developing a number of searches and filters which will help you find places to shoot right now. This includes search functionality to match your shooting styles – if you’re a landscape photographer browsing spots in Wales, you can search for the best scenery in the natural world. If it’s a rainy day in London, you can search for interior shooting locations.

Comments Allowing our users to provide feedback on photo spots, ask questions, or even find a shooting buddy to head to a location.


England by Chris Frost


Workshop marketplace Planning a photo trip but don’t have the time to arrange your own logistics? Learn who provides photo tours and workshops in the area and book tours online.

As PhotoHound grows worldwide we will be planning a number of initiatives for our community.

Meetups Join the PhotoHound team and fellow travel photography enthusiast on free photowalks in cities all over the world.

Missions Much more than simply a photo workshop, join the PhotoHound team and Partner Pros on location for an intensive weekend of fun and photography, with rewards on offer for the best photos captured. Learn tips and techniques to improve your photography from the PhotoHound Partner Pros, then put this into practice with a photographic treasure hunt. We intend to keep costs as low as possible for participants.

Challenges Participate in photo challenges for a chance to win rewards and recognition for your photography work.

Volkspark Schöneberg

Berlin by Fabian Pfitzinger