Contributing to PhotoHound

How do I add a spot?

To add a spot, log in to your account, hit the Add New button at the top right and decide whether you are adding a new Spot or Event. Follow these guidelines to complete as much of the information and tagging as possible. Watch this helpful tutorial to help you get started.

What is a Verified Spot?

Once our team of PhotoHound curators have approved a spot, it will be added to the world map and will appear with a blue tick next to it when opened.

Anyone can add a spot to the PhotoHound platform. Simply upload your photo and complete as much of the text information, data and tagging as you can and hit submit.  Here are the guidelines help you add a Spot to PhotoHound. Once verified you will receive a notification from us to say that it has been shared with the PhotoHound community.

What is a Premium Spot?

A Premium Spot is a spot that has been recognised as premium content by the PhotoHound team. These are spots that our expert photographers consider to be inspirational, accurate and helpful to the PhotoHound community. You will receive a notification from us if your spot has been verified as premium content and when opened it will appear with a blue star.

If a number of your spots have been verified as Premium Spots and you are a regular contributor on the PhotoHound platform, you might be invited by our team to join our PhotoHound Partner Program.

What are the criteria to earn Premium Spot status?

For a spot to be considered as a Premium Spot, we look for the following:

  • The spot fits with the PhotoHound Code of Responsible Photography;  
  • Coordinates and markers are accurate;
  • Accurate and helpful local and technical information;
  • High quality, inspirational photographs that are also representative of location;
  • The spot must be attractive for other visiting photographers;
  • Even if the spot is not fully populated it could still be promoted to Premium as long as it’s helpful and accurate. The community will help to improve the information.

If verified by the PhotoHound team, your Premium Spot will appear with our Premium blue star. Premium Spots count towards your credits total if you have been invited onto our  PhotoHound Partner Program and are part of our revenue share scheme.

Why has my Spot been deleted by PhotoHound?

You will receive a notification if your spot is not accepted onto the PhotoHound platform. It may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your spot does not fit with the PhotoHound Code of Responsible Photography;
  • Your spot may infringe copyright regulations;
  • Information is deemed inaccurate, misleading or unclear;
  • Your spot may be a duplicate, or may be very similar to one already added;
  • Your spot may not be accessible by general public or may be considered to put photographers at unnecessary risk or to be at odds with regulatory guidelines.
  • Spot no longer exists

Why do some spots have a blue star or tick next to them?

Spots with a blue tick have been verified by our PhotoHound team as meeting the criteria to appear on the PhotoHound world map. Spots with a blue star have been recognised as Premium Spots.

Can I add just a photo to an existing spot?

Absolutely! You can add your shot to any Premium or Verified spot. When you open any spot you’ll see the Add Image button. You’ll find guidelines on how to save and upload your photos here.

Will I earn money for my spots and photos?

We are passionate about giving back to photographers who contribute to our platform. To be eligible to earn money for adding spots and photos, you first need to be invited onto our PhotoHound Partner Program.

What is the PhotoHound Partner Program?

We’ve created the PhotoHound Partner Program to recognise the hard work that our most active members are putting into keeping the PhotoHound platform fresh and up-to-date.

If invited to join the Partner Program, you will achieve the status of PhotoHound Pro and be eligible to earn income from your Premium Spots and contributions to the platform. You will also receive lifetime free membership to PhotoHound, have some one year memberships to offer fellow photographers and have an enhanced personal profile to showcase your work and promote your own website and social media channels.

Anse Source d’Argent

Seychelles Luka Esenko


Italy Massimo Squillace

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia, Luka Esenko

Technical Questions

How do I add a spot to the map?

Once you are signed into PhotoHound, you will see the Add Spot button at the top right hand corner of the homepage. Click on this and start adding! Find detailed guidelines for adding a spot here.  Watch our helpful tutorial for more tips on how to add coordinates correctly.

Can I delete a spot once it’s been added?

Removal of a spot or image can only be carried out by one of the PhotoHound technical team.

When you add a spot to PhotoHound, we hope it’s because you’ve decided to share it permanently with the community. If for any reason that changes, or perhaps that spot is no longer a valid spot for photography (eg no longer accessible, closed for refurbishment, has become fragile), contact us and we can decide together if removal of the spot is the best option or if an edit would be better.

Can I edit my spots?

Yes, you can edit the text and tags you entered for a spot and we encourage you to check and edit your spots from time to time to keep them up to date.

Sign into your account and open the spot you wish to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the spot page to find the Edit button. Make your changes and hit Edit Spot once you’ve finished.


Iceland Joe Becker

Using PhotoHound

Who is PhotoHound for?

PhotoHound is a location-finding platform for anyone who has a passion for travel and photography and likes finding great spots to photograph or video. Whether you’re looking to build a better portfolio, are scouting a new place for a photo tour or wedding shoot, or just want to find and get to beautiful locations with ease, this is the tool for you!

How up-to-date are the photo spots?

PhotoHounders contributing to the platform are encouraged to check their photo spots for accuracy and relevance regularly. We also have a team of curators who will review and update spots on an ongoing basis.

That said, changes to to spots may occur suddenly or in between checks and you may discover these before we do. If you notice something that needs updating or amending, add a comment to the spot for review or contact the PhotoHound team and we’ll take a look.

Is there a danger PhotoHound could bring too many people to one spot?

We’ve developed a thoughtful Responsible Photography policy to encourage photographers to follow the principles we follow to reduce our impact on the environment.  We never share fragile spots and we flag up spots that require extra care, providing guidance to visiting photographers.

In promoting a variety of photo spots on the platform, PhotoHound presents alternative spots to encourage photographers to visit lesser known locations rather than only focusing on the more iconic spots. Read more about our thoughts on whether it’s right to share photo spots in our blog post.

How do you promote responsible photography?

PhotoHounders are champions of wildlife, nature and all the wonders of this planet. These are the principles that provide the framework of our responsible photography code:

  • We cherish our surroundings,
  • We think about others
  • We know and follow the rules and regulations

When we say we photograph with our world in mind, it’s not just words. We live and shoot by the PhotoHound Code of Responsible Photography to ensure that photography promotes and records the joys of our surroundings rather than causing any unintentional damage to our planet.


Passo Rolle, Dolomites

Dino Marsango