About Us

Luka Esenko

Having established and run my own photography workshop and tour company since 2008, creating SNAPP Guides has been an exciting development both personally and professionally. It’s been a fantastic experience building an app that brings all kinds of photographers around the world together to share something that I feel so passionate about. My role is to steer the creative and technical direction of our new product, PhotoHound, and make sure the experience of using our product is always an enjoyable one.

Besides PhotoHound, I love travelling with Neja (my wife) and Brin (my little boy) and of course my camera. Wherever I am I’m usually never far from the Julian Alps, my second home.

Sveti Tomaž (St Thomas) Church

Slovenia Luka Esenko

Jules Renahan

I was looking for a way to balance my love of photography with family life and my background in marketing and teaching. I created SNAPP Guides with Luka whilst living and working in Slovenia, I’ve started out on my most exciting journey yet. My focus is on growing the guides, building our team of incredible pro photographers, sharing what we’re up to with our community and working on the company culture.

When I’m not working I love our family travels in ‘Steve’, our Campervan, and making time for photography as much as I can.

Westminster Bridge

London, England Jules Renahan

Mathew Browne

I was thrilled to join the team as CTO in 2018. My first exposure to Snapp Guides was as a customer – I loved the product and put my name forward as a guide author. My photography career started a few years ago, but in addition to this I have been the managing director of a web development company since 2006 including 4 years contracting for an early stage startup. This experience means I’m able tackle the creative and technical challenges that Snapp Guides will face as it grows rapidly and as we transition to our new product, PhotoHound. My role here is to oversee technical development and innovations, user experience and design.

When I’m not coding I’m travelling the world with my wife Louise and son George who was born in 2017.

Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong Mathew Browne