Shoot Freely

We are great believers in openly sharing photo locations with like-minded photographers and don’t subscribe to the idea of ‘secret locations’. Instead we advocate responsible sharing, thoughtful photography practices and leading by example.

The majority of spots shared on PhotoHound can be enjoyed by all photographers with no negative impact or disturbance to the environment or others – we’ve tagged these spots Shoot Freely. However, we can still better conserve these places we love to photograph by keeping some basic principles in mind whenever we are out with our cameras:

Principle #1
I will leave what I find and minimise my impact wherever I shoot

  • Never cause harm to your surroundings in pursuit of the ultimate shot.
  • Research and understand the locations you are photographing and know how best to leave them as you found them.
  • Plan trips appropriate to your physical ability, know the terrain and pack gear and clothing accordingly to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Leave an area cleaner than you found it; take litter home and recycle whatever you can. Go one step further even and pick up litter left by thoughtless visitors.

Principle #2
I will make sure I know and follow all rules and regulations

  • Follow warning signs, rules and guidelines and lead by example;
  • Consider how your behaviour might encourage others to follow or have a negative impact if you decide it’s ok to bend the rules just for yourself.
  • Respect that photography is not always permitted and tripods or drones are not allowed in some areas for safety or social reasons. If you think the rules might be flexible then always ask rather than assume.

Principle #3
I will think about my impact on wildlife, nature and other people.

  • Travel and photograph like a good guest and leave no trace.
  • Make positive connections with people you meet and approach people in an open and friendly manner. Be sensitive to local customs and the different reactions people may have to you and your camera.
  • Be considerate of other people who have as much right to enjoy and photograph a location as you do.
  • Think carefully about the consequences of posting images on social media and the impact they might have on a community, habitat or location.