Learn how to add co-ordinates to new spots on PhotoHound

In creating PhotoHound we wanted a planning tool that not only helps photographers discover and explore great new photo spots, but one that is so simple to use that it takes just minutes to add spots to the world map for others to enjoy. 

Learn how to add co-ordinates to new spots on PhotoHound to pinpoint the precise location you were standing, plus add other useful markers to help photographers get their best shots once there.

Add co-ordinates to new photo spots on PhotoHound

This short video explains how to quickly add co-ordinates to a new spot that you’re sharing on PhotoHound. By simply typing in the location and zooming in on the map in satellite view, you can easily pinpoint exactly where you were standing when you took that awesome shot! You can also add additional markers to help others find parking, the nearest metro stop, trail starts and other viewpoints. You name it, you can pinpoint it!


Responsible tagging

We’re all for sharing, but never at the expense of damaging our environment or where to do so is disrespectful to others. Therefore we never publish delicate spots on PhotoHound where the sharing of co-ordinates might cause damage to already fragile locations or where photographing could potentially be discourteous. Please get to know the PhotoHound Code of Responsible Photography and join us in upholding and living these values as you travel and shoot.


If you haven’t come across the incredible What3Words app yet, we encourage you to take a look now because What3words has created a really simple way to talk about location. They have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address that will never change. It’s got great potential for photographers to find and record shoot locations. It can also help photographers organise meet ups so they can enjoy shooting together – we recently used this on our London Photo walk to keep the group on track. Having a simple, 3-word location also offers an uncomplicated way to let others know where you’re heading – a great safety feature for anyone who enjoy exploring more remote locations or shooting alone. We’ve incorporated What3Words into PhotoHound so that as well as being able to use Google Maps and Waze, you can also find a spot using it’s unique 3 word reference and share it with a fellow photographer. For example you could easily have joined photographer Richard Lizzimore on Diamond beach in Iceland, by sharing ///grocery.clash.cramps for this stunning shot of the glacial lagoon.

We can’t wait to see more of your shots and favourite photo locations appearing on the PhotoHound map, especially now you know just how easy it is to add a new spot and pinpoint where you were standing. This is how we’ll keep PhotoHound buzzing with new content that is both inspirational and accurate.