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We’ve now got over 3500 photo spots as well as 50+ curated Guides for PhotoHounders to explore! It’s been exciting for us to watch so many new photographers joining us on PhotoHound, adding their favourite photo spots, sharing images and exploring the world map.

We’re continuing to iron out any little bugs and glitches and are working hard to bring new features to the platform, so your support, feedback and well wishes have been invaluable to us in these opening weeks.

View of the Prague Towers from the Hanavsky Pavilon – Vojta Herout

Meet Vojta – our newest PhotoHound Pro

We’re delighted to introduce you to Vojta Herout, our newest PhotoHound Pro. Vojta has shared 95+ premium spots and over 175 images with the PhotoHound community. So far he’s covered 8 different countries, including New York and Prague – 2 fantastic cities that we can’t get enough of! To thank Vojta for being such an active member and for sharing his valuable photography knowledge, we’ve invited him to join our Partner Programme. You can follow Vojta on PhotoHound and enjoy exploring his incredible spots.

“Can I still access my SNAPP Guides?”

Yes, absolutely! You’ll find all our former SNAPP Guides on the PhotoHound website. During this Beta phase you can access them all for free. We’ll be contacting everyone who purchased SNAPP Guides soon to explain more about the free membership we’ll be offering once PhotoHound launches officially later in 2020.

Regardless of the future membership plan you choose – Free or Plus – you will always be able to access your purchased SNAPP Guides via PhotoHound. The Guides will also be available to use off line via a new PhotoHound App as part of our Plus Membership on launch. We can’t wait to share this with you when it’s ready!

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