Farewell SNAPP Guides, hello PhotoHound

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It’s time to shut down SNAPP Guides forever, but fear not because PhotoHound awaits!

Almost 4 years ago we were excited to launch SNAPP Guides into the App Store and a few months later onto Google Play. Since then we’ve proudly watched as more than 8000 photographers have tried, purchased and used our 50+ photo location guides to plan photography trips all over the globe.

A HUGE thank you to all of our customers and Pros who have engaged with us and helped us to shape SNAPP Guides and create the ultimate photo location guides. But times change, products evolve and now we’re incorporating all the best bits of SNAPP Guides into PhotoHound, a community where photographers can explore curated guides, find inspiration for upcoming trips, share favourite photo spots and discover new ones, plus have even better planning tools in one convenient place.

Here’s how we’re evolving…


What will happen to the app and my SNAPP Guides?

On Friday 20th March the SNAPP Guides app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. The app will cease to work on phones and tablets* and the Guides will no longer be accessible via SNAPP Guides.

Instead all your purchased Guides will be available in PhotoHound which is currently running as a beta version and is totally free to access. Right now that means you have access to all photo spots on the world map as well as our full collection of curated Guides.

*It’s possible that Android users will still be able to access any Guides already downloaded to their phone or tablet, so if you have a trip planned to a destination where you own a Guide, it’s a good idea to download those to your phone as you may still be able to use the offline features.

What is PhotoHound and how do I join?

PhotoHound is currently available as a free web application which means that you can view all curated photo location Guides, photo spots and events on your PC or laptop. It is not yet available for mobile devices, but we are working hard to bring you a new app which will be available from June 2020. Once the app is ready it will work in a similar way to the former SNAPP Guides app and will allow Guides to be viewed and used offline.

If you haven’t already joined us on PhotoHound, click the button below to set up your free account in a matter of seconds!

Will you be introducing paid membership plans?

Much of the content on PhotoHound will always remain freely available to all photographers under our Free Membership plan. For those wanting to get a bit more out of planning their photo trips, we will also introduce our Plus Membership for an annual subscription from June 2020. This will give PhotoHounders access to the app for offline use, enhanced search functionality, an upgraded profile as well as more of our premium features.

We hope you understand that this will support the hard work that goes into creating and curating the great content we have on PhotoHound as well as to provide a modest living salary for the small team of founders. We put 25% of the annual subscription into our Revenue Share Scheme to financially reward our most active PhotoHound Pro contributors, and give a further 5% of the fee to our chosen charities who give back to the environment and help to protect the planet we so love to travel and photograph.

What about the Guides I already purchased?

You will always have online access to the location guides you purchased via SNAPP Guides whether you are a Free or Plus member of PhotoHound.

If you purchased one or more SNAPP Guides, you will automatically receive a free 3-year Plus membership once we officially launch PhotoHound to thank you for your loyal custom. All you need to do is make sure you have signed up and created a PhotoHound account. We’ll do the rest and tell you when this period of membership starts and finishes. After that you can choose to revert to being a Free member, or opt to subscribe as a Plus member.

For those of our customers who purchased 8+ SNAPP Guides, we will automatically make you lifetime Plus Members of PhotoHound to thank you for your incredible support! You’ve been AMAZING!

What do I need to do before the 20th March switch off date?

  • Make sure you create a free account for yourself on PhotoHound now.
  • Android users – download any guides you want to use offline before June (in case this still works!)
  • Contact us if you have travel plans between now and June and need offline access to any of your purchased guides.

That’s it! We’ll do the rest and keep you informed. Do follow us on social media for the latest updates and for news of the new app and official launch date. In the meantime, start exploring on PhotoHound and join the community in sharing your favourite spots and images on our new world map.

Happy shooting!

The PhotoHound Team