5 Must-Visit European Cities For Travel Photographers, 2018

Thinking of planning a city photography trip to start 2018 and want to discover some great new photography spots? Be sure to check out our suggested top 5 must-visit European cities for travel photographers.

1) Bruges, Belgium

Bonifacius Bridge from Andy McSweeney’s guide to photographing Bruges

Bruges (Brugge in Flemish) is a city so humbly small, yet so rewardingly big to both locals and visitors – infinitely so for photographers. Picturesque cobbled lanes, dreamy canals, flourishing market squares, historic churches and old whitewashed almshouses – it really is the medieval town of fairy-tales.

Good for: Charming street scenes; medieval architecture; canals and reflections; Christmas market, fine Belgian beer and chocolate

Don’t miss: Sunrise at The Lake of Love (Minnewater); the Procession of the Holy Blood late May; Christmas market November to January

2) Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany’s capital, offering a heady mix of magnificent and romantic churches, the latest in modern architecture, busy shopping streets and world-famous museums and art galleries. 

Good for: Magnificent churches; internationally renowned museums; incredible local cuisine and great beer; a warm welcome

Don’t miss: The Christmas markets are renowned as some of the best in Europe.

3) Dubrovnik, Croatia

King’s Landing (GOT), from Luka Esenko’s guide to photographing Dubrovnik

It’s no coincidence that the beautiful medieval walled town of Dubrovnik, perched above the shimmering Adriatic sea, was selected as the perfect setting for the filming of Game of Thrones or as the backdrop for many other films and commercials. You’ll lose yourself with your camera in the charming, pedestrianised Old Town, chock full of aristocratic palazzi, and elegant Baroque churches.

Good for: Cityscapes and seascapes; historic street scenes; GOT fans; fresh Dalmatian cuisine straight from the sea

Don’t miss: Blue hour from the city walls; taking the cable car up Srđ Hill for sunset; the classic King’s Landing shot from the harbour

4) Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragon Bridge from Luka Esenko’s guide to photographing Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a tiny but picturesque city with a bustling old town and a river running through it. From the top of the castle you can see the entire city. Our top tip is go now before everyone else figures out how photographically diverse this European capital is!

Good for: Italian Baroque and Austrian Art Nouveau architecture, vibrant street scenes, a city easily explored on foot, unbelievably good ice cream.

Don’t miss: Alternative urban scenes in Metelkova; the Shrovetide festival, Kurentovanje Carnival in February; traditional Slovenian folk dancing; Dragons!

5) Zagreb, Croatia

Tkalčićeva street from Luka Esenko’s guide to photographing Zagreb

Zagreb is a thriving, modern city and the capital of Croatia. Many people only ever visit en route to Croatia’s coast, but in our humble opinion it is well worth spending a night or two here for some great photography opps. Zagreb has arts, culture, music, gastronomy, and architecture in abundance – all the ingredients for a perfect weekend city photography trip.

Good for: People watching and street scenes; market squares; park life; amazing coffee stops

Don’t miss: Tkalčićeva Street for street photography; experimenting with long exposure shots of trams in Ban Jelačić Square; afternoon light on the twin spires of the cathedral

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